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Persecution Is Coming!

Folks, the scriptures are coming to pass right before our eyes…

As I write this sentence, the powers that be are fiendishly concocting and conniving ways to eliminate the Christian history, influence, and future in this great country we know as the USA. The pervasive antichrist spirit is at war with anything biblical or holy in this present generation.

My question is…Are we ready? Are we prepared? Are we willing to endure what so many other battle tested saints of old endured? Are we ready to die for Jesus Christ?

I admit, I am concerned. Most “christians” are worried about their latest facebook feed, the idolatrous imagery of their youtube channel, or how to make life more comfortable by adding more stuff to their growing heap of worldliness they call “god’s blessing.”

I see the hand of the Lord in all of this. All of the trials, the tragedy, the strife, and even the division. He is refining the remnant, the residue of His people in the earth (Isaiah 28:5). He is preparing a people for greatness, to rule and reign with Him forever (Daniel 7:14).

Stay faithful saints…stay focused on Him. Stay in your prayer closet, keep your face stuck to that bible. And wait for Him…He will speak to you, strengthen you, and encourage you.

But you have to wait for Him. Wait, I say, on the Lord (Isaiah 40:28-31).

Bro JK